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Embracing the Power of your Open Heart


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Featuring world-renowned instructor, Silvia Mordini

Highly-sought instructor, author, speaker, CEO, and former Fortune 500 senior executive, Silvia is the creator of dozens of courses on topics focused on the manifestations of Love when applied to Mind, Body and Spirit. Featured on HuffPost, Gaia and Wanderlust, her work is literally life-changing. Over 10,000 students have taken her courses.

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"We become our thoughts."

Sure, we all believe that.
But what about this one...

"All you need is love."

Sounds nice, right? But...

In this one-of-a-kind kaleidoscope course, developed over the last 30 years by world-renowned instructor Silvia Mordini, you'll learn the secret of the mystics.

Discover the mysteries and practices that tied these great truths together as one.

Mindfulness + Love

The result will change your life.

Becoming "Mindfully in Love" will change how you wake up in the morning. It will change the first thing you reach for. And on and on. By the end of your day, you'll discover that living your life "Mindfully in Love" will usher in what you truly desire.

Whatever roles you play in life—partner, parent, student, or Fortune 500 executive, when you live "Mindfully in Love," you will discover for yourself how "embracing the power of an open heart" will bring purpose and passion to your life, starting now.

So what's the secret?

In Paradise Lost, Milton wrote, "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven."

For thousands of years, the world's authors, prophets, seers, and mystics have separately practiced their own unique insights for living a life of bliss. Over the last 30+ years, traveling across 134 countries, and working with thousands of students, Silvia Mordini has been collecting it all, learning and practicing the unique wisdom and kaleidoscope practices from all these cultures.

Today, she has distilled all those years and experiences together as one for you. Mindfully in Love is the answer.


The world's greatest wisdom is often hidden in paradox and riddle. And so is this. Because the greatest love story ever told isn't ancient or cloaked in mystery. And it's not even about two people. In fact, it's about today. And the only character is you.

This is lesson one. Self-love is the greatest love story ever told. Once upon a time (which now includes this very moment), you are performing a heroic act of love, respect, and kindness for yourself and your values. You are learning your love story.

And in this love story, the more you learn and practice kindness toward yourself, the more you will perform greater acts of kindness and caring towards others. In other words, you will become what you think, say, and do. Loving yourself you become love without limits.

So, this is your love story. Isn't it about time in your story to love...you?  

Happily ever after can start now. Why wait another moment?

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What Mindfulness means...

Jon Kabat-Zinn defined mindfulness as “the awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.”

This course is both an epic journey developed over thousands of years, and a realistic modern application for living today, Mindfully in Love.

An adaptive kaleidoscope approach to life and love, Mindfully in Love typically is non prescriptive. As the empowered CEO of your life, you know best what you need for your ever changing life. The material will cover about 4 weeks and 20 hours of instruction, which includes:

- Mindfulness Step-by-Step (no prior experience necessary)

- Daily Mindfulness Rituals

- Meditations

- Mindfulness Journaling

- Visualization & Manifestation Exercises

- Breathwork practice

- Yoga Classes

- Affirmations

- Facilitation of Healing & Well-being

- Learn the art of paying attention

- Mindfulness tools for everyday life

- Course Certification

- Continuing Education Credit for RYT - 20 hours

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Ask yourself.
What happens if you stay on the same path?

And what should you be expecting instead?
To start with—finding a future of joy.



As you speak, so it is. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. These are timeless truths.



Something happens when you fall in love. You look different. You radiate love and life. This course does that.



Your life is about to change forever—in ways you will never forget.

I say yes! Sign-me up.

It's easy to get started.

Mindfully in Love happens at your own pace. Most students benefit from taking the course at a steady pace, learning and practicing lessons for about 4 weeks. But living Mindfully in Love lasts a lifetime. Plus, it's a great offer for the holidays as you transition into 2022. Give Mindfully in Love to yourself or someone you love.

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Mindfully in Love will empower you to

  • Embrace your highest potential
  • Awaken your inner power and self-confidence 
  • Ignite your passion to live your purpose  
  • Embark on life-long self-discovery  
  • Discover your authentic self  
  • Tune into your intuition with body wisdom and heart resonance 
  • Master the unlimited power of manifestation
  • Develop a personal yoga, meditation, and breathwork practice 

Other benefits include stress relief, less anxiety, enhanced sleep,
better health, mental clarity, and peace of mind.

Start living Mindfully in Love today.

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Mindfully in Love Course

"It's the most rewarding investment you can make!" - Lou

Let my experience become yours.

"My name is Silvia Mordini. I was a former Fortune 500 executive. But after two Near-Death Experiences, I left it all behind to find my true life purpose and passion. Today, I'm a highly sought author, speaker, and instructor.

After 30+ years teaching over 10,000 students combined with travel experiences through 100+countries—from Ecuador to Costa Rica, Italy and Bali, it all came together for me as living my life Mindfully in Love.

I have now compiled all those experiences, ancient wisdom, and daily practices into this life-changing course for you."

High praise for Silvia Mordini...

 “I was able to “Go Deeper” into myself. I never knew I had the courage to face the “boxes” that had been closed and locked up for such a long time. I now know I’m brave enough to face anything, and I am forever grateful for that.” 

– Rhianne

“Silvia is more than a friend, she is my inspiration to follow a life I love and make no excuses.” 

- Laurie

"Do you believe in magic? Well welcome :)! This course will help you find your magic. While diving deep into your journey of self. Be prepared to find yourself and leave behind the old you and be truly blessed."  


30 years teaching

across 134 countries

with 10,000+ students

for >27,000 hours

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